At long last, I’ve finally started to compile my various industry work, thoughts, college lectures, software strategies, ideation, tutorials, sketches and more in one location!

This site will serve as my continually updating repository of art, animation and design that I’ve had the pleasure to produce and be a part of. Beginning as a print-centric graphic designer and illustrator, I’ve traveled through the creating roads of web design, multimedia, video production, video game creation, visual effects, animation and education. I hope you enjoy your visit and engage in the conversation – all pages have comment sections and I invite you to share your thoughts!

     In the Reels section reside my compilation videos of visual effects & animation work, video game production, graphic design montages and more.

     The Breakdowns section reveals a behind-the-scenes look of how I create my artwork and what my thought process is during the production.

Headline_Sm_MDVFX     In Motion Design, you’ll find tips on producing animated images, storyboards and other animation analysis articles.

     Visual Effects houses my Ringling lecture series, helpful cheat sheets and the Compositing Quiz!

     Game Design contains my work, thoughts and analysis on User Interfaces and Cinematics, as well as unreleased artwork.

     Graphic Design is where it all starts – design inspiration, elements and principles of design, and many examples!

     Tutorials will be helpful videos on the various software tips and tricks I hope you find useful.

     My Sketchbook section is where I’ll drop my old drawings, and hopefully inspire myself to create some new ones!